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The short answer is we’re looking for the best of the best. We’re looking for passion, skill, and experience. We’re looking for people who won’t settle for anything less than excellence.

The long answer is that SpeedBird is one of the fastest-growing 135 operators in the business. We are looking for special individuals who can bring their knowledge and skills to make us even better for our customers. With industry-leading pay and impressive benefits, we believe that the success that comes with growth should be shared among those that contribute.

Pilot First

What does it mean to have a “pilot-first” mentality? It means we understand what pilots need to be successful. What’s more, we know that when pilots have what they need to be successful, they are better equipped to serve our customers.


We are willing to invest the necessary resources to recruit the best pilots. This means offering SpeedBird pilots industry-leading pay and competitive benefits. We believe that when our pilots succeed, we all succeed.


At SpeedBird, we’re proud to host a dedicated in-house pilot concierge service. This concierge service is in place to better assist our pilots when they are on rotation.



We go to great care to screen and recruit the industry’s best. Because of this, we also go to great care to train and promote talent from within our ranks. It is our way of recognizing and rewarding talent, as well as charting a course of future growth for our pilots. 


We believe in offering our pilots not only an enviable benefits package but an equally attractive quality of life. This includes an industry-competitive work schedule of eight days on and six days off.

"Our culture is one in which all team members are valued – it doesn't matter if you're a pilot, a member of the flight crew, or a part of the sales and management teams – we work together and value each person's contribution to the company."

Kevin Rice

You can also stay up to date with all new career opportunities at Speed Bird on LinkedIn. If you have any questions or need help with your application, please contact our Recruitment team.

Current Openings

Full Time
Posted 5 months ago

Personal. Private. Authentic. From takeoff to touch down, SpeedBird offers a bespoke private air travel experience for the most discerning clients. SpeedBird’s elevated experience provides clients w...

Full Time
Posted 5 months ago

Personal. Private. Authentic. From takeoff to touch down, SpeedBird offers a bespoke private air travel experience for the most discerning clients. SpeedBird’s elevated experience provides clients w...

You would be hired into the CE-525 (CJ2 & CJ3), CE-750 (Citation X), or CL-60S (Challenger 605). All Speed Bird pilots receive a full PIC type in your assigned aircraft.

Upgrades are currently running 6 to 14 months. We operate only Argus rated crew, a minimum of 250 hours PIC in type is required for upgrade depending on the PIC time of the other crewmembers. Total time,jet time, ability, attitude, maturity, performance reviews, and seniority would all be considering factors. Pilots are flying approximately 40 or more hours a month.

Your annual pay increase is based on hire date.

A company Instructor, IOE Captain, or Line Check Airman would not need to relocate. The extra pay would be negotiated and agreed with each individual.

Yes, the training contract is required for initial new hires. If you qualify for a reduced training curriculum the amount of the training agreement would be reduced.

The training contract would only be triggered if the employee “voluntarily terminates his or her employment with the company or is terminated for cause”.

The training agreement is $28,000 for a full Initial, and $19,000 if you qualify for reduced training. To qualify for reduced training, you must have completed a PIC proficiency check in the assigned aircraft, in accordance with 135.293/297, 91.1065/1069, or 61.58, as appropriate, within the last 36 months.

Yes, you would be home based and Speed Bird would fly you out and back for each rotation.The local travel to/from your home to your domicile airport and airport parking would be at your time and expense.

For all aircraft, we have two schedule options, 8 on and 6 off, or 15 on and 13 off. The 15/13 schedule pays a higher salary than the 8/6 schedule.

30 days in advance for the final schedule, but Paid Time Off (PTO) requests must be submitted at least 30 days in advance but no more than 90 days in advance.

All travel takes place on the first and last day of your scheduled rotation. Crew members leaving the aircraft will be scheduled to return to home base on their last day of rotation, based on operational needs and availability of oncoming crew. All reasonable efforts will be made to get the crew member home before their scheduled day off. Crews arriving at their home airport will

• Arriving after 2100L=$150

• Arriving after 2359L=$250

• Arriving after 0600L the next day= full day’s pay receive the following incentives:

Recurrent training (except online training) is normally conducted on “on” days. If recurrent training was conducted on an “off day” you will be paid at your current Daily Rate.

8/6 schedule: Annual Salary/208 = Daily Rate.
15/13 schedule: Annual Salary/195 = Daily Rate.

Blue Cross for health, Principal for vision & dental.

Yes, we have a 401K with a company match of 100%, up to 4% of your compensation (Company match is fully vested after 2 years of service). PTO days will accrue at the rate of 10 per year (0.83 per month) your first and second years, and at the rate of 12 per year (l per month) thereafter. Unused PTO days will roll over to the next year, you won’t lose unused days. You should request PTO at least 30, but no more than 90 days in advance. If you want time off but do not have enough PTO days saved up, you can ask the pilot opposite you on the schedule to swap rotations.

Pilots working on designated holidays will be paid double pay per holiday worked and receive double per diem. They are: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Easter, Independence Day (July 4th), Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. 

You will receive $75 per-diem for each day when away from base/ home (Domestic) and $120 per-diem (International). We also reimburse international cell phone charges at a rate of $10/day.

Airline tickets, hotels, rental cars, taxis, and tolls are all company paid. All Pilots are issued a Speed Bird credit card. Other approved expenses paid out of pocket will be reimbursed with receipts. The Company also pays for your KCM Badge and 1st Class Medical.

Regarding uniforms, five pilot shirts, two pair of black dress pants, and a coat with Speed Bird Logo will be provided to you at basic indoc. You will receive an additional $250 a year credit with our uniform provider for replacement items.


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